Health - Safety - Environment - Energy – Quality

ROMARCO strives to be a leading company in the field of industrial cleaning and asbestos removal.

Her passion for cleaning and the removal of asbestos is based on professionalism, quality, openness and the desire to continuously improve.

The integration of sustainability in the domain of cleaning methodology is also part of this. This is only possible thanks to our experienced and skilled employees. That is why ROMARCO wishes to provide its employees with the necessary resources and a good framework (knowledge, processes and systems), of which the policy forms part.

In particular, ROMARCO is committed to continuously improving and safeguarding the integrated management system, policy, objectives and measures:

  • this is tailored to the context of the organization (nature, size and effects of our activities)
  • by registering and improving safety and environmental performance
  • continuous compliance with the obligations (standards, laws and regulations, internal and external issues (risks and opportunities), technological conditions regardless of international, national and regional)
  • achieve the safety and environmental objectives

In this way, ROMARCO wants to inform and protect its stakeholders (our own employees, our customers, their employees and subcontractors, our neighbors, governments, shareholders, etc.) in an open dialogue about safety (including health, illness, injuries) and material and environment (according to various environmental aspects, climate, soil, air, water, waste and energy and this on the basis of the different phases in the life cycle of a product and service).

Such a working environment is essential for proper execution and makes an important contribution to the efficiency of the management of a project.

The ROMARCO management and its hierarchical line are committed to supporting this and to strive for continuous improvement and assurance in the areas of quality, safety, health, environment, energy, order and cleanliness.

From the Eiffage group and the engagement of Romarco, we work around Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility and we strive to work around the 17 development goals of the United Nations.

As urgent climate action we monitor our energy consumption and we reduce our CO2-emissions through the CO2-prestation ladder (certification level 3).

The policy must also raise the safety, quality and environmental awareness of each employee to a higher level and create a responsibility that is shared by all employees.